Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 12

Note that CMC12 has been superceded by CMC13.

Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 12 was released on 3 July 2002. This is an astrometric and photometric catalogue of 6.3 million stars in the red (SDSS r') magnitude range 9 to 17. This catalogue is the initial release of the CMT CCD survey and covers the declination range -3° to +3°. The data for the remainder of the survey (+3° to +30°) has been observed and reduced and is in the process of being calibrated.

CMC12 external accuracies

  Astrometric - milliarcseconds
  Photometric - millimagnitudes
r' RA Dec Mag
<13 36 37 25
14 45 40 35
15 68 55 70
16 113 90 170

The data can be accessed in the following directory (cmc12/carlsberg).

The documentation for CMC12 is also available on the Internet as either a Postscript or PDF version.

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