Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 13

Note that CMC13 has been superceded by CMC14.

Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 13 was released on 28 April 2003. This is an astrometric and photometric catalogue of 36.2 million stars in the red (SDSS r') magnitude range 9 to 17. This catalogue is the next release of the CMT CCD survey and covers the declination range -3° to +30°. The data for an extension of the survey (-15° to -3° and +30° to +50°) is being observed and will be released in the winter of 2004/5.

CMC13 external accuracies

  Astrometric - milliarcseconds
  Photometric - millimagnitudes
r' ΔRA
<13 36 37 25
14 45 40 35
15 68 55 70
16 113 90 170

The data can be accessed in the following directory (cmc13/carlsberg).

The documentation for CMC13 is also available on the Internet as either a Postscript or PDF version.

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