Monitor Project: Target clusters

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Target clusters

We select our targets amongst star forming regions and open clusters with a rande of ages from a few Myr to a few 100 Myr. They need to be relatively rich and compact, so that a large number of target stars can be observed with only one or a few pointings of the wide-field cameras currently available on world class 2 to 4 m telescopes, but also relatively nearby so that the target stars are bright enough. We also need to have an idea of the population of low-mass stars in each cluster to know whether it makes a good target.

The targets we have observed so far are listed in our introductpry paper (Aigrain et al. 2007, MNRAS, in press). Click here to see a list of the target clusters and their basic properties, here to see the number and mass range of cluster members monitored in each cluster, and here to see a graphical representation of the targets' age, distance and richness.