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The Monitor Project in an international collaboration, which brings together researchers from the UK, USA, France, Switzerland Italy, the European Space Agency and Australia, and makes use of telescopes in the Canary Islands, Chile, Hawaii and Arizona. Here is a photo of most of us during a meeting in Grenoble in February 2006 (click for hig-res version).

Collaboration members

Name Institution Contact
Jonathan Irwin now at CfA, USA jmi at
Suzanne Aigrain (Co-PI) Exeter, UK suz at
Simon Hodgkin (Co-PI) IoA, Cambridge, UK sth at
Leslie Hebb St Andrews, UK leslie.hebb at
Adam Miller now at Berkeley, USA amiller at
Estelle Moraux LAOG, Grenoble, France estelle.moraux at
Jérome Bouvier LAOG, Grenoble, France jerome.bouvier at
Cathie Clarke IoA, Cambridge, UK cclarke at
Mike Irwin IoA, Cambridge, UK mike at
Aleks Scholz St Andrews, UK as110 at
Frederic Pont Geneva, Switzerland as110 at
Aude Alapini Exeter, UK alapini at
Fabio Favata ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands ffavata at
Ettore Flaccomio Palermo, Italy ettoref at
Dan Bramich ING, La Palma dmb at
Mark McCaughrean Exeter, UK mjm at
Gerry Gilmore IoA, Cambridge, UK gil at
Michael Ashley UNSW, Sydney, Australia mcba at


These are people who have contributed to the Monitor project in various ways.

  • Ray Jayawardhana, Alexis Brandeker (Toronto, Canada) observed some of our candidates with Magellan/MIKE.
  • Eduardo Martin, Maria Rosa Zapatero (IAC, Spain) observed one of our candidates with Keck/Nirspec.
  • Gwendolin Meeus (AIP, Germany) observed some of our candidates with VLT/ISAAC.
  • Jon Holzman (NMSU, USA) observed some of our candidates with his university's 1m.
  • Conny Aerts, Thierry Morel (Leuven, Belgium) observed some of our candidates with the Mercator telescope in La Palma.

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