Gaia DR2
ImageGBPRPBP-RPparallax (mas)pmra (mas)pmdec (mas)PMSIGAENAEN sigSource ID
119.380 19.519 18.573 0.946 -0.574 ±0.387 1.426 ±0.697 0.296 ±0.541 2.118 1.072 1.620 3723950157046484096
220.315 nan nan nan nan ±nan nan ±nan nan ±nan nan 2.825 3.123 3723950157047556864
Gaia DR1
ImageGAENAEN sigSource ID
119.223 0.000 0.000 3723950157046484096
NameRADECbW1-W2z qsoz lenssep.NGaia densityGDR1 countGDR2 countNEDSDSS DR14PanSTARRSDECaLSGaia cutoutWISE modelWISEFIRSTNVSSSUMSSGaiaCFHT cutoutCFHT searchDiscovery
ULASJ1405+0959211.314349.9916265.0.9251.810.66*1.972453712NED LinkSDSS DR14 LinkPanSTARRS LinkDECaLSGDR2 cutoutWISE modelWISEFIRST
GaiaCFHT cutoutCFHT searchJackson et al. 2012

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