Gaia DR2
ImageGBPRPBP-RPparallax (mas)pmra (mas)pmdec (mas)PMSIGAENAEN sigSource ID
119.299 19.211 18.295 0.916 0.691 ±0.400 -0.515 ±0.659 0.022 ±0.467 0.783 0.000 0.000 670520540382618496
220.050 nan nan nan -0.319 ±0.963 2.568 ±2.178 -1.174 ±2.056 1.310 1.387 1.133 670520540381514880
Gaia DR1
ImageGAENAEN sigSource ID
119.138 0.000 0.000 670520540381514752
NameRADECbW1-W2z qsoz lenssep.NGaia densityGDR1 countGDR2 countNEDSDSS DR14PanSTARRSDECaLSGaia cutoutWISE modelWISEFIRSTNVSSSUMSSGaiaCFHT cutoutCFHT searchDiscovery
SDSSJ0806+2006121.5986720.1087425.1.0341.5400.5731.492742512NED LinkSDSS DR14 LinkPanSTARRS LinkDECaLSGDR2 cutoutWISE modelWISEFIRST
GaiaCFHT cutoutCFHT searchInada et al. 2006

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